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EAST101East101 General delivery and payment conditions


1. The following terms of delivery and payment apply to all orders of East101 products or other foods (hereinafter referred to as "goods") by customers at East101 companies and/or via an order platform operated by D.M.A Primegastro LTD as the system center. These conditions can be accessed on the online portal of D.M.A Primegastro LTD, are an integral part of the webshop, and can also be viewed in the local East101 establishments. D.M.A Primegastro LTD and the owners of the East101 establishments in Cyprus are jointly referred to below as "East101".

The East101 delivery and payment conditions are recognized by the customer with every order of goods from East101, regardless of the form, and at the latest with receipt of the goods as the content of the contractual relationship between them.

2. When the customer orders goods via the webshop operated by D.M.A Primegastro LTD on the online portal, a delivery contract is always concluded directly with the owner of the East101 establishment, who is the local East101 branch named in the webshop order, and issues or delivers the ordered goods to the customer.

3. Any contractual conditions of the customer that deviate from these General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment shall not apply, even if East101, being aware of these deviating conditions, carries out the legal transaction by issuing or delivering the goods ordered.


1. The offers contained in the flyers and on the East101 website represent an invitation to the customer to submit a specific purchase offer (order) by placing an order.

2. By ordering goods, the customer makes a binding declaration that they wish to purchase the goods at the price stated in the notice, in the flyer, or on the website. East101 is entitled to accept this contract offer either in writing or by delivering the goods.

3. If the customer orders the goods electronically, East101 will immediately confirm the order. The confirmation of receipt of an order does not, however, constitute a binding acceptance of the order, but can be combined with the declaration of acceptance. The text of the contract for the electronic order is saved by East101 with the personal data provided by the customer when placing the order.

4. In the event of typing, printing, or calculation errors in the flyer, on the website, or other product presentations, East101 is entitled to calculate the specific price. In this case, the customer has an unrestricted right of withdrawal from the delivery contract.

5. Orders from the customer can be placed online, by email or fax, by telephone, or in person with East101 on the basis of these delivery conditions. East101 can be reached by telephone and in person during business hours.

6. Customer orders are processed in the order in which they are received during business hours unless operational requirements require different handling.

7. The minimum order value depends on the distance between East101 and the place of delivery. Further details can be found in the flyer and the online order form.


1. East101 delivers while stocks last.

2. Delivery by East101 takes place as quickly as possible, usually within 30 to 60 minutes. All information about the delivery period and/or delivery time, including any delivery time forecasts, are non-binding unless, as an exception, the delivery period and/or delivery time have been expressly agreed upon in writing by East101.

3. This also applies to appointment orders by the customer, the binding nature of which must be expressly confirmed in writing by East101.

4. Delivery takes place exclusively within the delivery area contractually assigned to the executing franchisee within the framework of the East101 system unless East101 expressly agrees in writing to deliver outside this delivery area.

5. The prices stated in the flyers or on the East101 website are gross prices and include delivery.

6. Should customers not be found at the agreed or expected delivery time upon delivery, East101 reserves the right to charge an expense allowance. This right to charge an expense allowance also exists if a delivery fails for reasons for which the customer is responsible (e.g., defective doorbell). The amount of the expense allowance corresponds to the gross order value.


1. When paying for the goods at the time of issue in the local East101 company or at the time of delivery to the delivery address, the customer—subject to the establishment of all payment systems by the local East101 company—has the choice between the following payment methods:

Cash payment:
Payment is made in the East101 company or to the East101 messenger.

Online credit card use in distance selling (MasterCard, VISA by Stripe):
When ordering via the webshop, the credit card details and the name of the cardholder are entered with the online payment order, whereby the invoice amount is paid to the East101 company by the credit card organization via the payment service provider (Stripe), and the customer's credit card account is charged.

The method of payment requested by the customer must be specified when ordering. Otherwise, there is no obligation on the part of East101 to carry out the order.


The delivered goods remain the property of East101 until they have been paid for in full.


1. Upon delivery, the customer will check the goods for external damage and obvious defects and, if necessary, submit a complaint immediately. Should damage and/or losses occur during transport, the driver will inform the customer directly and immediately, simultaneously notifying East101.

2. If the delivered goods are defective, the customer can demand supplementary performance by means of a replacement delivery. If the subsequent performance fails, the customer can withdraw from the purchase in the event of a significant defect, reduce the purchase price, or claim damages.

3. Further claims of the customer—for whatever legal reasons—are excluded, unless otherwise stated below.

4. East101 is not liable for damage that has not occurred to the delivery item itself; in particular, East101's liability for lost profits or other financial losses suffered by the customer is excluded.


1. According to the previous section II.3, stored customer data includes the name, address with the associated zip code, telephone and/or fax number, and the email address provided by the customer.

2. By ordering the goods, the customer agrees that East101's services, in accordance with Section II.3, will process the customer data stored within the East101 system and transmit it to the companies involved for the purpose of market analysis and personalized advertising.

3. East101 will comply with the Youth Protection Act. The customer is obliged to provide proof of age when ordering goods that are subject to the Youth Protection Act.


East101 assumes no liability for the pages linked to their homepage/website. The operators or owners of these internet pages are solely responsible for all content, information, and notices contained on the internet pages accessible via links on the East101 homepage/website. This also applies to all services, promises, and other features available there.


For all legal relationships between East101 and customers based on the order of goods for issue or delivery to the customer, the material and formal law of the Republic of Cyprus applies exclusively, to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention (CISG) and any regulations of international private law that would lead to the application of a law other than Cyprus law.


The place of performance is the location where the ordered goods are issued or delivered to the customer. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the business relationship between East101 and the customer is the competent court at the location of the East101 company executing the order, if the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law, or a special fund under public law.